Christmas products

Felt Decorations

Gingie was the first felt Christmas decoration I made in 2008.  Each year he has a hand knitted jumper in a different colour and design and holds something unique in his hand, always embroidered with the current year.  

The first edition of Finlay the fawn appeared in 2015.  He was inspired by the yarn used for his scarf (from Maggi Knits) which reflects both his colour and that of his accessories. 

Simon the snowman, like Gingie, changes his scarf colour each year and also has the current year embroidered on him.  

These characters make great collectors' items and are perfect to celebrate a special arrival or Christmas event. 

Christmas Stockings

These stockings are all made from high quality cotton fabric in modern designs and are fully lined in a toning plain colour.  Lightly padded with a luxurious turn down cuff they make the perfect place for stocking fillers.  These can be personalised with the recipient's name for custom orders. If you would like to see the full range of fabric choices contact me at any time by completing the contact form on this website.

Advent Calendars

All my Advent Calendars are stitched by hand.  

Each calendar has twenty four hand knitted stockings in yarn combinations designed to highlight the background fabric colours. They can be filled with chocolates or sweets, little toys or messages. Each stocking hangs on a ribbon from a coordinating button and next to a hand embroidered number. The calendar has ribbon hangers and is backed in a plain toning colour.  The whole calendar is lightly padded and quilted giving a luxurious feel.

For custom orders the recipient's name can be added to the Advent banner.  The numbers can also be arranged as you wish. 

I also make Advent Calendars for cats and dogs which are designed to hold a treat for each day of Advent.  These have felt stockings embroidered with the twenty four numbers.  

The handcrafted nature of these calendars make them a unique and special gift.

If you would like to see the range of fabrics available for either type of calendar please use the contact form on this website.

Sewing Kits

I have been producing and selling gingerbread man and snowman sewing kits for aspiring crafters since 2013. They are based on my own felt decorations and provide a great starting place for anyone looking to learn how to make their own Christmas decorations or toys. Mainly designed for children, the pack is small enough to fit into stockings and is a fun thing to do in the Christmas holidays. A jumper for the gingerbread man and a scarf for the snowman in a colourful varigated yarn is provided. All raw materials and needles are included in the pack along with instructions. Some basic sewing skills are required to make the decoration.